What is surface, deep and dark web?

Internet is full of information. Everyone use internet according to their intrest and gain information. Most of the people in the world use internet for different purpose but they are unknown about the different categories of internet. There are 3 categories of web. They are surface web, deep web and dark web. In this article, we are going to discuss about it.

Surfiace web
Surface web is the normal web which is visible to all the user of internet. All the sites of this web are indexed by the search engine. The good examples of search engines are Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. In this web people can access any website and gain information. The intresting thing is that the surface web only covers 4% of internet. The internet is more bigger place but most of the people are unknown about it.

Deep web
Deep web is secret web which is invisible to normal internet user. The deep web contains the website which are not indexed by search engines. User can only access it if he/she is authorized person. It needs username and password to access the site. The dark web is used to store personal data, military data etc.

Dark web
The most dangerous part of the internet is called dark web or dark net. It is illegal to use. All the criminal activities like buying and selling drugs and guns etc.
The sites in dark web use .onion domain. You cannot have access to it unless you use TOR browser.
The Tor means The Onion Router. It can make a layers of many IPs and the user surf the internet anonymously. So, my suggestion is don’t go on dark web because it is illegal.

The writing of this article is only for educational purpose. I don’t promote illegal activities and and I am not not responsible for illegal activity. I hope after reading this article you can know basic about categories of internet.


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