We visited the CAN INFO TECH which was held annually to showcase the latest products and technologies in the field of IT in Nepal. Unfortunately, it did not live up to its expectations this year. It was more of a place where the vendors were gathered to sell items and institutions publicizing their computer courses rather than a place to witness the new changes and improvements.

The CAN visit was ok, I went to many different shops but the items they were selling wasn’t unique or something I could not find elsewhere. I didn’t find anything interesting and I left the exhibition empty handed. There were some interesting stalls like the solar car, robots and some informative stalls.

As I have been experiencing the evolution in AI technology, is a proud moment for us that the young generations of Nepal have also been progressing in the Robotics AI (Artificial Technology) field which were show cased in CAN Info Tech 2017.

Can Info Tech was full of computer and accessories mega sales rather than demonstration of new technology in the current market. It would be better if there were new technology hardware and software demonstration which will bring awareness of technology to the people and people can bring those things to day to day use.


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