Top 5 youtube tricks

Youtube is the second largest social networking site after Facebook.
There are ton of cool things that you can do with youtube. Today I am going to explain you about the some of the cool tricks and feature of youtube that you might not know about. Some of the cool features are listed below:

1. Turn any video into GIF.
2. Create your own custom youtube URL.
3. Play videos in background in mobile devices.
4. Change the colour of the text displayed in youtube.
5. Turn on safe mode in youtube for kids.

1. Turn any video into GIF

Every one love gifs but knowing how to create a GIF is not a common thing. In order to create a GIF select a video and find its URL and add gif right before the domain name. The format of the link is given
After this you are redirected to the and your video is ready to edit. You can edit and create a GIF from youtube video easily.

2. Create your own custom channel URL

Are you a owner of a youtube channel and want to give a custom name to URL of your channel ? You can actually create a custom link for your youtube channel. The example for Tech 101 is

Note: You should have at least 100 subscriber and uploaded channel art in youtube channel.

In order to get custom URL for your channel, open your youtube account setting and go to advanced. If you’re eligible for a custom URL, you’ll be prompted to claim yours by clicking a link. After this agree the terms of service and change the URL.

3. Play videos in background in mobile devices Sometimes you need to listen the music and perform other work together in a mobile device. For example you have to listen music and type notes together. Then this trick is really helpful for you. First of all launch browser like Firefox and chrome in your mobile device.
Navigate to a video you want to play on and request a desktop site for that webpage. After this start playing video and click on home button. You can use other work and the music is playing in a background. This is really awesome.

4. Change the colour of text displayed in youtube

This trick is only applicable if you are using youtube in a desktop.
For this go to the search bar and type “doge meme” after typing this the colour of word in youtube are changed randomly. This is cool trick of youtube and you can impress your friends by using this trick.
Beside from this, there are other trick also just type these words and see what happens.
• Use the force like
• Do the Harlem shake
5. Turn on safe mode in youtube for kids

There is a kid version of youtube called youtube kids. This is fully customized youtube for kids. In this app all the contents are filtered that are not suitable for kids. You can set timer for your kids how much time they spend on youtube for watching videos. This app is really useful for parents and kids as well.

In this article we have clearly explain about the five features and tricks of youtube. Hope this trick may be helpful for you. If you find this article helpful share it to your friends and family. If you have any queries related to our blog and content contact our support team.


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