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1 year ago (July 2015), we came up with a plan to teach basic computer skills, to the under-privileged children of Nepal. We had a budget of USD 4000 to run this Project and we surely wanted to take no fees from the children or their parents. The duration of the course would be for 6 months and the aim of the course would be to teach children basic skills such as how to create email addresses, how to then send and receive emails, about Skype and how to use it, creating PowerPoint presentations, using MS Word, usage of Google, etc. and at the end if possible to teach basic programming skills. Finally, we would then provide internships for 2 of the most suitable children in our Tech101 office in Kathmandu.  We had never done this before we were nervous too, however after many months of hustle, we did manage to start the project at the end and as of this month (Aug 2016), it has been 3 months since we have actually started the project.

These small kids had never seen computers before though as sad it may sound, but now after just 3 months on the project, to see these kids create beautiful designs, to see these curious faces typing keyboards and write stories; it really makes us happy and helps us to keep doing what we are doing.... 

Now, we don't know what career they would choose in the future, we don’t know if they would remember us for doing this, we event don't know if all or any of these children will become a super star like Rajesh Hamal or Mahabir Pun out of this little effort, but this is not why we did this in the first place... We did this simply to see a smile in their faces and to provide them with what the children of the 21st century deserves...    

Finally we could not have done it without:       

  • Surendra, Project coordinator who takes hours-long journey to Jhulunge, sleeps overnight, teaches all day on Saturday, sleeps that night and comes back to Kathmandu the following day, we are proud to have you on this project...
  • Educating Nepal, NGO who has provided us with the internet facilities, classroom, accommodation and all the logistics, 
  • Partners and supporters to make this happen including Bank of Kathmandu, 
  • Mothers and Fathers of those children who helped build the school for the welfare of  their children.. 

Lastly, with all due respect, though without the support of INGOs and NGOs we could never have achieved this, however we strongly believe that Nepalese people both home and abroad are more than capable of taking the country forward with minimum or no support from INGOs and donors..  

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Drawing of one of the children

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