List of basic linux commands with their function

Hello everyone welcome to tech 101. In previous article I have told you about benefits and drawbacks of linux operating system. Today I am going to tell you about 20 commands uses in Linux. The list of command with description is given below:

1. cal
It display calendar.

2. cat
It opens the file.

3. cd
It change directory.

4. clear
It is used to clear the screen.

5. chmod
It changes mode to open file.

6. cp
It is used to copy files.

7. date
It display current date.

8. kill
It kills any running process

9. ls
Long list of files, simply list of files .

10. man
It is used to display manual of linux.

11. mkdir
It is used to make directory

12. more
It is used with pipe sign to display the single screen of text.

13. mv
It is used to rename files

14. passwd
It is used to change current user password.

15. ps
It display process status.

16. pwd
It display path of working directories.

17. rm
It removes the file in the computer

18. rmdir
It is used to remove directories

19. sort
It is used to sort files .

20. vi
It is text editor for Linux.

These are the some list of commands, you can find more about any commands by typing ‘info’ command name like info ls, or info cat etc.


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