Hyper Lapse Video Shoot

Hyper Lapse Video Shoot

Team Members

Abhishek, Asheem, Ayushi, Bikram, Kritika, Manuza, Saagar and Sabiya
The main aim for the trip was to make a hyperlapse video of three beautiful sites with our team members as models. We used Camera, Tripod stand, two Mobile Camera and a Laptop for this video shoot.
We started by plotting out a schedule of which heritage sites we would visit on what time. This was all based on the weather, number of team members and transportation time, and we scheduled the time accordingly. But we built in lots of flexibility too, because having never done a trip like this; we knew we might want to change our minds as we went.


Our plan was to visit Pashupati Nath, Boudha Stupa and Krishna Mandir. We reached the Pashupatinath at 6:30 am but due to unsuitable foggy weather we couldn’t start the video shoot until 8:30 am. We knew that traffic in Jorpati, especially in Boudha area, can upset even the best laid schedule. So, we divided 4hrs for Pashupatinath that is 8:30 – 12:30 am and took off as soon as we were done. Arriving Boudha at 1:15, we had a quick lunch and reached to the Stupa at around 2pm. Again, we divided 3hrs for Boudha Stupa that is 2:00- 5:00pm. After the hectic video shoot, we were all heated up, no thanks to the scorching sun and had a few chilled drinks.
Without wasting any time we headed up for the Krishna Mandir in Jorpati. We couldn’t get any cabs or public vehicles so we walked for a bit. Soon we were all tired and asked a guy for a lift in his jeep. He was a one big hearted guy, named Kailash Nath (as we heard). Then we climbed a small hill to reach the Krishna Mandir at around 6:30, recorded the sunset hyperlapse video and finally packed up. So, the whole trip ended at 7:15 pm.

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