How to install an SSL certificate in cPanel?

SSL stands for secure socket layer (SSL). In order to get organic traffic for your site, it should be trusted by browser. Your site should be redirected to https. In this article I am going to tell you about how to enable SSL certificate for your site through cpanel.

First of all login to your cpanel with your user name and password.

After logging in you are redirected to the home page of your cpanel.

Interface of cpanel may vary according to your hosting provider. After this scroll down, you can see the option of security there. Click on SSL/TLS which is in security menu.

After click on it, scroll down and you can see the option of [ install and manage SSL for your siteĀ  (HTTPS)] . You can see the option of manage SSL sites. Click on manage SSL sites. After this scroll down little and you can see the option of domain. You can choose required domain via drop-down menu.

After choosing a domain, you can see a small pop up showing ” auto-fill ” by domain. All the required details are filled automatically. After doing this click on install certificate. That’s all guys, you can easily install SSL certificate for your site from cPanel. If you need further help please contact our support team.


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