Are your planning to start a digital marketing campaign for your business?

Are your planning to start a digital marketing campaign for your business?

Please read this:

  1. Go through your previous social media campaigns – Assess Your Strengths and Weaknesses
    • Go through the top performing posts and least performing posts (Both paid and organic ones). Then, create posts that based on your audiences’ preference.
  2. Take a Close Look at Your Competition
    • Check to see what kind of content their audience is engaging with: Are they promotional offers, contests, strong visuals?
    • Use these posts as inspiration and create content using similar themes.
    • Always keep an eye on the results – it’s possible that what works for their audience may or may not always work with yours.
  3. Find out the latest Buzz/ Trend
    • Find out what your audience is talking about (both on social media and outside of it)
    • During periods of intense “buzz” around specific topics or events, audiences are actively seeking content about this specific topic, so consider whether this would be an opportunity to post content that is highly shareable if it would be consistent with your brand values and image.
  4. Be Timely Around Holidays and Seasons
    • Holidays and seasons happen once a year so it’s easy to plan ahead and create those special pieces of content far in advance.
  5. Focus on Shareability
    • Shareable content is now the key to maximizing your content’s reach.
    • Go through your past campaigns and compare and contrast highly-shared content versus highly-liked content.
    • Audiences are less willing to share content that overtly looks like an ad because it’s lacking in emotional value

Post that generated over 50000 shares


  • Keep giving your audience more of what they already like.
  • Always compare your strongest post to your weakest post and assess the differences
  • If the bulk of our best posts are organic, it illustrates that we truly know which content resonates with our audience and are able to get outstanding reach without any budget to promote the posts.
  • Tip: Save content that inspires you and build a digital library of strong content pieces so you can refer back to them during your brainstorming.



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