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Today I am going to tell you about how to get free photos. If you are a blogger you need photos to explain your content. If you search a image in a Google and use it in a blog then your content is not verified for Google adsense and others due to the use of copyright content. There are many websites which provide royalty free photos. You can use those photos for any purpose and you can use it anywhere. You do not get copyright image if you download from the website given below. Okay let’s get started with the 20 websites which provide free photos for us.

There are large number of free stock photos in . It have a handy search feature which helps you to get that image which you want. It adds hundred of images in daily basis. You can get the image which you want here for free. You can upload it to anywhere you want. It provides high quality images.

2. Pexel
You can find the high quality and free stock photos licensed under the creative common zero(CC0). All the photos are searchable, easy to discover and nicely tagged. You can use these photos in Facebook, youtube, blog, website etc. for free.

3. unsplash
It is one of the best source for stock images. It offers the large collection of free high resolution photos which make it popular. All the photos available here are free under the unsplash license. You can use these images anywhere you want.

4. Burst
Burst is a resource of shopify. It provides free stock photos for entrepreneurs. Some photos of burst lies on the creative common license but most of the photo lies on the shopify own license. Most of the photos available here are original. It means they are not edited. They are directly captured and uploaded.

5. Pixabay

It is one of the best platform to find free photos. All the photos available here are licensed under creative common (CC0). You need to create account for it to download photos. If you do not want to sign up you can verify captcha to download photos. It provides the large amount of free stock photos, arts and many more.

6. Foodiesfeed

Do you have a food blog? Do you want to get free photos of food? If you want this please visit foodiesfeed and get photos is food items. It is a perfect free stock photo site for food bloggers. It provides high resolution photos which impress you. If you are not a food blogger then you can suggest to your friends because it is a only platform where you get the best photos related to food.

7. Gratisography

It offers high quality pictures which you can used for commercial purpose. If you want some photos for ads and other commercial purpose you can use it. It offers the collection of high resolution picture for you. Specially, you can use it for commercial purpose. You do not have to face any copyright matter if you use photo from gratisography. All the pictures from it are captured by Ryan.


It also offer high quality photos like other websites. It contains free stock photos captured by Dave Maier and other famous photographers. All photos are licensed under creative commons zero (CC0).

9. MMT stock

It offers the collection of high resolution photos. These photos are provided by Jeffery Betts. He likes to share photos of science and technology.

10. Picjumbo

You can find the totally free photos for your personal use or commercial use. New videos are added daily in different categories. You can find photos from categories like nature,technology,fashion,abstract and many more.

Here, I mentioned the top 10 websites to get free photos for blogger. Now I am going to tell you about the name of remaining websites. The list is given below:
1. Life of pix
2. Little visuals
3. Death to stock photos
4. New old stock
5. Jay mantri
6. Epicantus
7. Shotstash
8. Styledstock

You may visit these sites too find a required photo.
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