Five tech myths people still belives

The technology is more advanced day by day. Now the outdated tech advices are worthless. We are rounded up with many tech myths. Today I am going to clear all your doubts regarding those most common myths which everybody used to believe. So let’s get started;

1. Icognito browsing is always private

Icognito browsing is not always private. Page that you visit in icognito tabs won’t stick around your browser’s history, cookie store or search history after the icognito tab is closed. Any file that you download or bookmark will be kept. However you aren’t invisible, going icognito doesn’t hide your browsing from your employer or internet service provider. You can see this information in icognito tab. It is clearly mentioned that going icognito doesn’t mean that you are browsing privately.

2. Camera with more megapixel capture more better photo

It’s come in all minds that the more mega pixel means better photo. In reality, the quality of photo doesn’t depend on mega pixel of the camera. The quality of photo is more dependent to the sensor and lens of your smartphones camera. So, even if you have a phone with more megapixel, your pictures come out poor because of bad quality of lens and sensor.

3. More bars on your mobile phone means better service

More bars on your mobile phone doesn’t mean that, it is providing better service. The bars your mobile phone indicates the proximity of your cellular signal to it’s nearest tower. The huge number of phones are connected to same tower at the same time. Your calls will be dropped even if you have full signal.

4. Charging phone overnight ruins your battery life

Charging your phone overnight doesn’t ruins your battery life. This myth is used to correct few years ago but it’s completely wrong in new devices. The batteries at that time are made from nickel which have tendency to have cyclic memory but this is not applied in modern smartphones which are made up of lithium ions. so, You can charge your device whole night without any hesitation. Have a look at our recent article to know more about it.

5. Your phones slows down after new model is launched

It’s extremely unlikely smartphone manufacturer deliberately slowing old phones. Smartphones naturally slow down over the time due to advancement in its software. According to the survey held in USA, it is found that about 52% of people believe this myth. The process goes on naturally and there is no fault of manufacturer in this case. And the other thing is that, when new phone is released, it comes with more memory, better screens, faster processors and other specs . Due to this older phones are slow in comparison to new one.


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