About linux operating system: its benefits and drawbacks

Hi everyone! Welcome to tech 101. In this article I am going to tell you about what is linux? What are the advantages of linux?

Linux is one of the popular open source operating system which is used in large variety of scientific engineering and mission in critical application. It can run on variety of hardware. These system are available for free from many different sources and it have ability to utilize the same user-inter on many different system. Linux is one of the popular operating system today because it has some fundamental feature, which makes Linux such a successful operating system:

• Multiuser operating system
• Multitasking operating system
• Reliable and efficient operating system
• Portability operating system
Today, there are number of commercial Linux version available in the market, which are: Linux Mandrake, Linux PPC, Linux Ware, slacware Linux, Red hat Linux, Fedora. It is also a clone of UNIX with new features. Linux is used because of the following feature and benefits:

• Linux is inexpensive : All version of Linux can be freely downloaded from the web. Software can be freely shared among users and it’s upgrade would also be free.
• Linux is efficient: Linux can run in old system. It’s product can run on Intel 386 microprocessor.
• Linux is fast: Graphic on operating system minimizes the system performance and response time. Linux can run without graphics hence it is incredibly fast.
• Linux is stable: Linux code is well written, it improves stability and speed of the operating system.
• Linux is open source software: Any user can read the source code and modify as needed.
• Limited virus attack: The system is open source and user can protect their system from virus attack . The loopholes in the system can be marked and fixed.

It have some drawbacks also. They are listed below:
• Complexity : In linux every action is done with the help of commands. Most of the command should be memorized by user before handling it. It is complex thing for general people.
• Lack of support : All sold version of software has online support but support is almost unavailable in Linux.
• Limited hardware and software choice: Not all popular software runs in Linux. Some hardware device may not work properly.
• Security : Since source code is free, it can be modified to generate many security loopholes. This will be cause of system disturbance or crash.

In this article, I have explained you about Linux and it’s benefits and drawbacks in brief. You can get some basic commands of linux in next post.


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