5 battery saving tips (Mobile phone)

Here is an article about how to extend a battery life?


Android phone is used by millions of mobile users in the world. When it comes to preserving phone battery, people have been known to get a little crazy.

Today I am going to tell you 5 ways on how to extend your battery life in your android phone. I am here with handful of helpful tips for saving your battery life.

5 tips for saving your battery life

1. Turn off location and sync Some of android features drain your battery quickly. Your phone uses gps system to track your location. Most of the apps need location access to provide you relevant results. So, turn off location and sync to extend your battery life.

2. Turn on power saving mode Most of the android phone provides the feature of power saving mode. If you turn this mode on, it will automatically prevents background data usage, adjust screen brightness and limits device performance. This mode is really helpful for you when you are running nearly out of battery.

3. Remove unnecessary widget and live wallpaper It doesn’t mean that, they are not consuming power. They consume your battery in background. Always use dark themes or avoid live wallpapers. These animated live wallpapers are the main battery consuming factors. So, avoid it.

4. Don’t use vibration Prefer to have your phone alert you to incoming calls by vibrating rather than playing a ringtone. Unfortunately, vibrating uses much more power than playing a ringtone . After all, a ringtone consume less battery. So, avoid using vibration in your phone and prefer ringtone rather than it.

5. Use lite version of apps and update other apps Social media, email and other applications eat up power and memory much faster than we’d like. But there are plenty of free “lite” versions you can use as alternatives to your favorites. They may not have all the features available in your original app, but they will help extend your battery life. For example you can use Facebook lite and messenger lite instead of Facebook and messenger app. Android smartphone become more and more efficient and it adds more power saving features. For example: Google adds doze mode for android version 6.0 (marshmallow).

Luckily, there are many other tricks to extend battery life. Here I have mentioned few important ones among them. Hope this article was helpful.

Article by: Bibek
Date: 15 Sep 2018


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